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What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage and how can it help you?

You are driving in down 45 South in Houston, Texas and you are suddenly rear ended by a distracted driver.You immediately feel pain and have had to be transported to the Emergency room. Your first though is, Dang, I don’t’t have the money for this. To top it off, you just found out that the individual that rear-ended you DOES NOT HAVE LIABILITY INSURANCE coverage. You then realize you are now about to be coming out of pocket for your injuries and for your property damages for an accident that was not even your fault! The big question most people will then ask themselves is, “WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW??” Well if you are asking me, my response is easy, #LAWYERUP and call me at 833-768-9529 (SOTXLAW).

As an Attorney, I can understand the frustration that you may have but there are options. The most convenient option and the topic of this discussion is UNINSURED MOTORIST Coverage. This coverage is exactly what it sounds like, it covers your medical bills and property in the event that an individual does not have liability insurance on their vehicle. If you elect this type of coverage with your insurance carrier, you will be able to recover your medical expenses and property damages despite a negligent driver not having insurance. I know you are probably wondering if it is worth it to include this coverage when it will probably increase your insurance payment. But according to the Insurance Research Council, there were 8.3% of Texas Motorist who were operating their vehicle without car insurance. This means that over 1.4 Million people were operating a vehicle without car insurance in Texas. This amount of uninsured motorist are a risk to all drivers in Texas. Uninsured Motorist Coverage is an option that can protect you from this unfortunate possibility. Here at Montes & Guevara, we have been able to recover a multitude of settlements for our clients utilizing this type of coverage for our client. Please give us a call if you have been involved in any type of accident and #LAWYERUP! 833-768-9529

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